Municipal Services



Grading of roads is done on a regular basis with grid roads and high traffic roads receiving higher priority. Remember that should you have a request regarding the grading of your road, the division councillor should be your first line of contact. 


Gravelling priorities are set by the RM council each year. 

Custom Work

  • Patrols                  $100.00/hr
  • Winging Snow     $100.00/hr    
    **Ratepayers recieve one snow clearing into bins free of charge**
  • Trucking              $135.00/hr

Rates as quoted are for ratepayers. All others are charged double the rate. 

Community Well

A water well is located at SW 08-36-24 W3. The well is operational from spring-fall as the weather allows. Users must make an account with the RM, which can be done upon request. Use is calculated by a meter at the well, and billed to account holders annually. 


  • Ratepayers                $0.88/m3   or   $4/1000 gallons
  • Non-ratepayers        $3.33/m3   or   $15/1000 gallons
  • Commercial               $3.33/m3   or   $15/1000 gallons

Pest Control

The RM is provided with pest control services by Pest Control Officer Dwaine Kopp. The duties of the PCO include, but are not limited to:

  • inspections for rat activity 
  • baiting active rat sites
  • preventative baiting to prevent or control migration of rats

If you require pest control services, call Dwaine Kopp at 306-210-7495.

Snow Removal

As per the RM's Snow Removal Policy, roads are cleared of snow in the following order of priority:

  1. Primary Grids 675 and 771
  2. School bus routes - as provided by Living Sky School Division)
  3. Main farm access
  4. Oil field roads
  5. Roads to other farm residences
  6. Other developed road allowances